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Women’s Health Class – Weight loss and Fatloss

Shriyog Training Academy / Life talks by Rajeshree  / Women’s Health Class – Weight loss and Fatloss

Women’s Health Class – Weight loss and Fatloss

Question: Ma’am, what is the difference between weight loss and fatloss?


In Ayurveda, 7 Dhatus make up the principle system of the body. It begins with Rasa-plasma, Rakht-blood, Mamsa-muscles, Meda-fat, Ashti-bone, Majja- nervous Tissues and Shukra and Arthava – reproductive tissues. The food we eat goes through these dhatus. These Dhatus make up our body and the fat content may be higher in some. Also, If the fat content in our food is more, it will affect the body accordingly. Excess fat in food affects our mind as well. Our mind is troubled with our and other people’s expectations from us. This constant conflict between mind and you affect the entire system. So, it’s important to first study your body and to also know the difference between fat loss and weight loss.

In our class, we focus on fat loss. So, your weight may or may not be constant, but you will surely lose inches in terms of fat. In this way, we get rid of fat and still maintain the health of our muscles and bones. Any drastic weight loss post the age of 50 will impact negatively on the muscles and bones of an already ageing body. Hence it is all the more vital to losing fat in a sensible manner and not run after weight loss only.

Remember our body is the only vehicle we have. It is invaluable to keep it well so we can move ahead in our spiritual practices. Once we plough through the needs of the body and start our path towards Spirituality, the demands from the body naturally reduce. The conflict of the body image with the mind is replaced by Namasmaran and connecting to our Prana and higher Self. We are not there yet, but keeping this journey in mind, will help us to deal with our fat loss goal better.

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(Compiled by Shriyog Trainee Seema from Women’s Health)
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