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Light on Yoga – Advanced asanas

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Light on Yoga – Advanced asanas

Question: Whenever we try to move ahead to advanced asanas, our weaknesses block us. How do we know when we are ready for advanced asanas?


You have to direct your mind to focus on your positive points rather than the negatives to progress in an advanced pose. Understand the strengths of your body and use it to balance out the weaknesses. We want a combination of flexibility, balance and strength for success in any asanas, not just advanced asanas. Remember we have only one body and we plan on using it efficiently for a long period of time. If you follow the instructions correctly and do the asanas stepwise as taught to you in the classes, you will evolve to a place where asanas are no longer just physical but also mental and emotional.
The important thing is not to practice on an aggressive note. If the mind gets aggressive our body gets unstable. It is important that the mind and body move at the same speed.
Asanas are very dynamic. In every asana, we touch upon core strength, arm and leg strength and flexibility etc. They are not mundane workouts where you focus on just one thing. Asanas create an impression on the muscles. But our mind doesn’t want to revisit these impressions in the next session and progress from there. It is because this requires a lot of effort. Our mind easily remembers the impressions that hurt us or are tempting like a good pizza place. Instead, we can involve the mind along with the body in asana practice, so one day we can control our mind, then collect past impressions from asana practice, practice without aggression and then advanced asanas become a natural progression.

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(Compiled by Shriyog Trainee Seema from Light on Yoga)
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