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Women’s Health Class – self practice during Festivals

Shriyog Training Academy / Life talks by Rajeshree  / Women’s Health Class – self practice during Festivals

Women’s Health Class – self practice during Festivals

Question: How should we continue self-practice during Festivals?


Festivities are definitely a time for celebration, but it is also a period of overwhelming work and exhaustion for women. Each day is different for women over 40. Tiredness can seep in without any specific reason. If we are aggressive during such times, nerves are agitated and organic body gets hurt. So festivities is especially the time to be compassionate to ourselves first, before taking care of the family. 
Women over 40, who are in menstruation, pre-menstrual or in menopause, should focus on 
– Lengthening the abdomen
–  Lengthening the spine
– Relaxing the pelvic region without any aggression even though legs are working in asanas like Supta Padangustasana 2

Self-Practice during Festivals or engagements that keep you busier than usual – 
1.    Each standing asana should be done with a prop like chair to make sure the abdomen is not cramped and the spine is long. So use a chair for Trikonasana, Parsva Konasana, Virabhadrasana 2, even though you can usually perform these poses seamlessly. 
2.    Focus on making the thighs and legs strong with Supta Baddhakonasana and standing poses as winter is the time to ramp up the practice. And good practice demands a strong pair of legs. 
3.    Know your body and accordingly choose the right variation of the asana for you. Protect your lower back using your intelligence. A pose like straight leg Jathara Parivartanasana shouldn’t be touched upon by someone with a back injury. In the above case, a bent leg and hand Jathara Parivartanasana has an equal impact on the body. 
4.    On days you are tired, be honest with yourself and avoid the intense practice. Take the support of props too on such days.
5.    If you are in the pre-menstrual, on menstruation or menopause phase, then use props for support. 

Other Helpful Asanas
Whenever you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or lost during the festivals and can’t find time for your regular asana practice, rely on these Asanas to get you back on the horse- 
 – Setubandh Sarvangasana with bolster along the spine and blanket for shoulders
 – Viparita Dandasana on the chair
 – Supta Baddhakonasana 2
These Asanas will soften the abdomen and the mind. This will improve the Oxygen to the lungs and brain. It will help get rid of the accumulated fatigue if any. 
Yoga is for the serenity of the mind. If this doesn’t happen then you need to make changes in your practice. If you are happy and centered it will brush off on the family too.

Lots of love,

See you on the mat!

(Compiled by Shriyog Trainee Seema from Women’s Health)
Shriyog Wellness

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